Dipel Bt is a biological insecticide that contains Bacillus thuringiensis (BT Technology), a naturally occurring bacteria. Dipel is manufactured at Valent Biosciences, and the active ingredient comprises of optimized Bt protein toxins and spore. The distinctive modes of action of Dipel Bt, make it a perfect tool for insect and pest control.

Why Dipel?

Liquid formulation, hence more effective than powder, as it easily spreads over leaves and reaches the larvae

Dipel is produced with exacting quality control, and delivers promising results in stipulated time.

Dipel consists of different strains and controls several types of larvae, and can be used in different crops.

Dipel is OMRI certified, and also has the organic certification, by Agriculture Department, Government of India, so it can be used for organic farming.

Dipel is imported from USA, the quality passes though several tests, so its uniform and hence more effective.

It has a unique mode of action, works in the midgut of larvae upon ingestion and kills the larvae in two days.

Dipel is biological insecticide, hence it is safe for the farmers, safe for crops and safe for the environment.